Our Vision

First and foremost, we believe that all decisions must be guided by the needs of the campers and their families. As such, the factors influencing a decision must be evaluated through their eyes.

We believe in excellence and demand competence of the highest level. To this end, we have incorporated both support and accountability in our camping practices. We have sensitively and patiently encouraged change in ourselves, the youth who use this camp, and their families to strive to create the best program options possible – to create a gentle but clear intolerance for anything less than our best work.

We believe in creative and individualized approaches to camp programming and that we must use our experience and knowledge to play a meaningful leadership role with our partners.

We believe in the empowerment of youth and our need to advocate for them.

We believe in the importance of preserving the environment.

We believe in regular communication and meaningful consultation with input from staff.

We believe that campers themselves have an important contribution to make in improving the programs offered at Camp Weredale.

We believe that campers, their families and staff must be treated fairly and with respect and that with rights come responsibilities. Campers who attend the camp receive information which describes rights, responsibilities, expectations, rules, consequences, and recourse.

Camp Weredale is committed to the utilization of everyday life events and a systemic approach in resolving personal and/or family problems.

We believe that campers must be safe and secure and we take measures to ensure this is the case. Staff receive First Aid and CPR training and training in crisis intervention. Emergency procedure manuals are available, as are regular fire drill rules and regulations. The waterfront is supervised constantly and its rules applied rigorously.

We value our camp staff highly because they are the means by which we carry out our mission and deliver our camping programs.

We believe that competent, caring staff are essential. That is why we have a careful screening process, pre-camp training, reference materials which include a handbook for staff, and clear policies and procedures.

We believe in collaboration with the social service agencies that refer campers.

We believe in furthering our understanding of troubled youths by expanding our learning.

We believe that standards at camp are necessary and proudly strive to maintain those that have been established for camps like ours.

Fiscal responsibility has a high priority at Camp Weredale. We appreciate the funding we receive from our donors and we carefully monitor and decide wisely how money is spent to maximize the benefit to campers.