Location & Facilities

Situated right on Lac L’ Achigan in St-Hippolyte, Camp Weredale is surrounded by water and nature. Below are a map of the location and descriptions of the facilities the camp boasts. Get directions to camp.

Location Map

Camp Weredale Map
1,2,3 – Staff Cottages are where the counselors sleep when they are not at the hutline sleeping with the kids. Each cottage contains an entrance with 8 lockers, a payphone, and a number of hooks; 4 bedrooms each with 2 beds, 1 closet, and various furnishings; 1 common room with a fridge, a kettle, a television, and several couches and tables; and 4 washrooms (2 with toilets, 1 with a shower, and 1 with a sink and mirror).

4 – Cook’s Cottage is where the cook stays when not busy working in the kitchen

5 – Assistant Cook’s Cottage is another building for staff.

6 – Staff Coordinator’s Cottage is where the program director stays; also houses various items for camp, such as fishing equiment and musical instruments.

7 – Maintenance Cottage is where maintenance sleeps at night.

8 – Director’s House is available for overnight stays for family visits.

9 – Big Apple is where the R.E.A.L. Team and R.E.A.L. Team Leaders sleep. It contains much of the same things as the staff cottages, but also has a kitchen and washing/drying machines.

10 – Infirmary is where the nurse/lifeguard works and also sleeps. For all minor injuries and ailments, this is the place to go.

11 – Hut Line is where the majority of camp (i.e. the campers) stays. There are 11 cabins, each housing 7 children around the same age and 1 counselor (he/she alternates with his/her co-counselor every night so that one sleeps at the staff huts and the other on the hutline). Each cabin thus has 8 beds and numerous cubbyholes for storing belongings.

12 – Nature Hut is where the nature specialist keeps all his equipment for the sequoia program, as well as various wildlife that was caught.

13 – Recreation Hall is where the camp meets up for various activities (e.g. camp rules, the variety show, rainy-day activities, etc.). It has a stage and a large main room with over a dozen benches, as well as back rooms with a bathroom and a sink. Underneath the rec hall is a place for storing boating equipment and also a place for rainy-day or theme-day (e.g. haunted house) activities. Just beside the main room is the art room.

14 – Canoe wharf is where about 20 kayaks, a dozen canoes, and half a dozen sailboats can be found, as well as a dock. A the canoe wharf is where the lifeguards stay.

15 – Bayview is where the camp specialists stay and it contains much of the same things as the big apple.

16 – Dining Room is where the entire camp takes its meals. There is a table, 2 benches, and 2 chairs for every cabin and the R.E.A.L. Team; a long middle table with plates, cutlery and side-dishes; a main table for the head staff, specialists and lifeguards; and a kitchen at the back where the cooks and her assistants work.

M – Maintenance Workshop is where the maintenance crew houses its tools to make the necessary repairs at camp.

S – Showers are where the campers bathe. Both the male and female showers have 4 taps separated by partitions.

WC – Washrooms are located right in front of the showers (8 stalls with toilets in each washroom) and near the maintenance workshop (2 washrooms with a toilet and sink each).

L – Laundry is where the laundry ladies clean the campers’ clothes.

O – Office/Library is where the literacy activity is held, as it contains books covering every wall. It also has 2 electric organs, a few guitars, and chess and checker sets.

CD – Camp Director’s cottage is where the camp director and associate director stay.

ED – Executive Director’s cottage is where the executive director stays when at camp.

The Playfield has a large soccer field and two hard courts, one of which is fitted with basketball nets. A shed contains various balls and other sports equipment.

The two overnight sites, Junior Camp and Senior Camp, are a 15-minute walk past the staff huts and Bayview, respectively. They contain tents for sleeping, a fire pit, and a large garbage bin.

“Downtown” is the location where the roads intersect near the dining hall, the office/library, and the staff coordinator’s cottage. It contains open spaces to play various sports (e.g. football, jumpball, skipping, ping pong, etc.) and numerous large benches to relax or play board games.

The Waterfront, located between downtown and the recreation hall, is where everyone is allowed to swim when lifeguards are on duty. It has a long dock extending from the shore, a floating dock about 25m out, and various diving equipment and floatation devices.

Finally, parking is available for visitors right in front of the assistant cook’s cottage.