Daily Activities

Camp Weredale offers a fun and exciting program for the children (ages 6-17) attending camp. Some of the daily activities are as follows:

  • nature hiking and lessons about the forest and its habitat
  • arts and crafts
  • canoeing, kayaking and now a new program to learn how to sail.
  • swimming, tubing, fishing and diving
  • basketball, volleyball, football, floor hockey, soccer, baseball, and dodgeball
  • campfire songs
  • drama
  • literacy
  • special-interest programs (a variety of activities that change every session that are run by the counselors, such as sequoia, music, fitness, yoga, hairdressing, boxing, etc.)
  • ...and many more!

Special Activities

There are also special days and activites at camp, such as:

  • overnight camping excursions
  • theme days
  • beach days
  • waterfront days
  • movie nights
  • Olympics and sports matches with other surrounding camps (inter camp competitions)
  • variety shows
  • trips into the mud pit
  • morning and evening programs

Other Activities

Canteen (one candy and one soft drink) is also served approximately every four days to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. However, more can be earned through cabin points (see below).

Cabin points are earned by every cabin of around 7 campers and 2 counselors. Points are gotten for doing a good job on cleaning up the daily assigned camp area and one's own cabin, for demonstrating teamwork and doing well in the morning and evening programs, for being quiet and respectful, and many other reasons. Conversely, cabin points can be lost for bad behaviour. At the end of every session, cabin points can be cashed in for various prizes, such as extra canteen, extra tubing, watching a movie, etc.